The Hotseat Handbook by Nicole St. Germain
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The Hotseat Handbook

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Most masterminds revolve around the concept of a hotseat: a period of time during a mastermind meeting where all eyes are on you: your business is in focus. 

With The Hotseat Handbook, you'll learn how to make the absolute most of this time to get results in your online business!

What's included?

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What is a hotseat?
Hotseat structure
What it’s like in the hotseat
Your first hotseat
The elements of a great hotseat
Prepare for your hotseat
Be open and honest
Don’t get defensive
Prepare for their hotseat
BONUS: Leading a hotseat
BONUS: How to take great notes
BONUS: Hotseat Prep Template
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BONUS: Mastermind Meeting Notes Template
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BONUS: Hotseat Action Plan
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