Mastermind Starter Kit by Nicole St. Germain

Mastermind Starter Kit

What's included?

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How to Structure your Mastermind
Best Practices
Setting the group rules
How to build trust with your mastermind group
How to Keep Your Group Organized
Tools: Video
Tools: Note Taking
Tools: Community
How to take great notes
Alternating Roles
How to Run a Successful Mastermind Meeting
Your First Meeting
Your First Meeting Agenda
Leading a Hotseat
The Hotseat Handbook
Hotseat Structure
What it's like in the Hotseat
Your first Hotseat
How to prepare for your hotseat
How to avoid defensiveness during your hotseat
How to take hotseat notes
How to prepare for your group member's hotseat
How to Take Action on Your Mastermind Advice
Hotseat Action Plan
goal setting
How to Measure your Group's ROI
How to leave a mastermind
ROI evaluations
Mastermind Meeting Notes Template
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Hotseat Action
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Mastermind Agreement
50 prompts to avoid awkward silences
10 activities to do with your group