Goal Getter's Method by Nicole St. Germain

Goal Getter's Method

Real life goal setting, real life roadblocks.

  • You’re a busy working parent with little time for yourself, or
  • You’re feeling burnt out or unmotivated to do anything but rest, or
  • You’re tired of a frantic and overworked holiday season.

Tried and true tactics for goal-achieving.

  • A goal setting practice for making big things happen on short timelines;
  • Specific, actionable steps to implement this practice for yourself;
  • Real life examples of how we use this approach in our own lives.

About this course

This is a text and audio based course. You can listen along, like your favorite audiobook.

Each lesson is short and digestible. You'll receive 3 Goal Setting lessons immediately, and the 5 Goal Getting lessons 5 days later, to give you plenty of time to build your goals.

This method can be applied for life, to any sort of goals -- though may be best suited for creatives and small business owners.

Questions along the way? This course has built-in messaging support so you don't have to go it alone. 


6 mins
Getting Started
Goal Setting Practice
Lesson 1: Look back and Leap forward
8 mins
Lesson 2: Define what matters to you
7 mins
Lesson 3: 3x3x3
3 mins
Goal Setting Practice: Bonuses
Exercise: Ideal Self
Download: 3x3x3 Spreadsheet

Co-created with love

I built this course with my wonderful friend Semonna. She knows firsthand the challenges of balancing hard work and family. 

We wanted to build something for people like us: anyone balancing high achievement and quality self- care.