Evernote for Product Creators by Nicole St. Germain
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Evernote for Product Creators

Your audience is hungry for your product! Deliver delightfully and on-time with my proven system for getting inspired, organized, and getting shit done! 
Enrollment is closed

"I have Evernote, but I don't really know what to do with it."

I hear this sentence a lot. It was also something I used to say. When I decided to make digital products, I knew I needed a way to keep my process organized and efficient. I turned to the powerful, free tool I already had: Evernote.

I used Evernote to stay on track, yes, but I was also able to systemize my product workflow, from brainstorming and research to promotion and launch.  

I'm sharing my system with you, Product Creator.

Inside this mini-course, you'll find 4 video lessons to take the planning, building and marketing process out of your head and into production. Get organized and manage your product process, from idea to successful launch. 

Here's a quick preview of the course:

  • Lesson One: Stacks. Build a framework in Evernote to access all your information--even if you saved it two years ago.
  • Lesson Two: Systems. Get more done in less time with my recommended tools, tags, and proven note templates.
  • Lesson Three: Content. How to use the 'Stacks' framework and my tried and true systems to research, plan and build your products. 
  • Lesson Four: Limits. Fill in Evernote gaps with these three recommended programs. 
Plus, you'll receive a FREE BONUS lesson
  • Lesson Five: Customers.  Learn how to use Evernote to serve your customers and complement your digital products. 
Evernote for Product Creators is self-paced, meaning you will receive all four lessons as a download.


AND: Get a FREE ticket to my Evernote for Product Creators Training Class with your purchase.

I recently hosted a LIVE Evernote for Product Creators Training Class! The recording of this training is included with your purchase!

Entry is $10, but here's the thing: Evernote for Product Creators customers get in for FREE! You'll get an email after purchase with registration instructions. 

What's included?

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Get sh*t done + grow.