What it’s like in the hotseat

Before the meeting starts, you're a little nervous. Even if you've done it before, the spotlight is going to be on you, and your decision making.

You took at least twenty minutes before the meeting to prepare (see the hotseat prep template in the Bonus Section), so you know what you're going to discuss. You look over your goal from last week. Did you meet it? Why or why not?

:00: You and your mastermind group get on video. You exchange pleasantries, share your wins from last week, and whether or not you met last week's goal. You take a deep breath, and launch into your hotseat.

You start with a progress update. What have you accomplished since your last hotseat? How big are your sales, your email list, your social followers?

:05: You start talking about your struggles. What has been hard for you these past few weeks? If you didn't reach a goal you original set, why do you think that is? What goal are you currently striving for, and what hurdles are standing in your way?

:10: It's now your time to shut up. You answer your group members' questions of course, but you are no longer be dominating the conversation. It's time to listen and take in the opinions and suggestions of your group members.

You're taking notes (see the Mastermind Meeting Notes Template in the Bonuses Section), writing down the stuff that's important to you as you go. Write down everything that creates emotion in you, whether good or bad. You can return to them later.

:25: The halfway point. The creative, brainstormy juices are really flowing. Your group members have warmed up and are now on a roll, pitching and sharing resources, ideas, critiques.

You don't judge what your group members are saying at this time, or evaluate whether it could work for you or not. You just listen. You ask clarifying questions, maybe some "what if..."s if you are so inspired.

:30: You receive some feedback that challenges you, that feels harsh. You're trying not to ask yourself "are they right?" because this isn't the time for introspection. If you're not sure what to think, write it down to return to later.

:40: You realize you're nearing the end and you haven't even brought up this other thing you're struggling with. It seems prudent to hold it back, but you don't want to go another 6 weeks without discussion on this, so you bring it up.

:50: You've collected some great feedback and advice. You may feel pushed to set some concrete action steps, but I would say don't--not yet. Wait until you've had a chance to examine your notes and feelings about your hotseat.

Instead, focus on the Takeaways. What are two major things you learned, that you want to examine more closely? They don't have to be action, yet. But they should inspire action.

:55: It's done and over. You survived! You all share your goals (it's ok if yours is still to come) and logistics for next week.

:60: Get a glass of wine, take a quick stretch, then pour into your notes. You are excited, inspired, and ready to take action, but what you need to do is evaluate what you just heard. It's time to make a strategic plan (see the Hotseat Action Plan in the Bonuses section).

The Hotseat Handbook

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