The benefits of starting your own mastermind

You get to set the rules

When the mastermind is one you created, you get to decide the meeting format, the time commitment, the goals you are working toward. Now with this power comes great responsibility -- no one wants to join a mastermind crafted to serve one person. You are responsible for creating a supporting and encouraging group environment where everybody’s business can thrive. 

This is an exciting challenge. You have the opportunity to grow 5 businesses at once! 

You get to be brand new

Starting from scratch is easier than joining an already formed, already moving group. You will always feel like you are catching up, like the new kid in school. When you start it from scratch, even if someone has been in a mastermind before, you’re all in the same boat. You’re the same level of “new” to the group, and it’s easier to come together as a team.

You get to exercise your leadership muscle

Look--leading a mastermind is not for everyone. Groups of humans are notoriously bad at making decisions together, which is why we often elect one person into leadership: President, Prime Minister, Queen, Pope. We all feel better knowing there is someone who will make the decision (even if it’s a bad one). 

No matter how big your group, someone has to be the decision maker. As the mastermind leader, that is you. By starting this mastermind, you will be one the group turns to when you’re deciding between platforms, what to do when someone is absent, how to proceed in a tech breakdown. These decisions are insignificant in the grand scheme, but they are great preparation for leading a team of your own, which I’m going to guess is something you’d like to do one day. Learn how to make decisions that impact a group of diverse people now, when the stakes are low. 

How to lead a mastermind

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