Tools & Resources

Once you get your group together, you're probably eager to get going. You don't need to find the most perfect stack of tools. In fact, you may not know what your perfect stack of tools is until you get started! 

To get your mastermind started quickly, here’s what you need to do: 

> Create a Facebook group and invite your group members.

> Create a Doodle poll to find a meeting time that works for everybody.

> Once a meeting time has been decided, create a Google Hangout event and invite your fellow members. 

> During the meeting, take notes in the Facebook group’s Notes function. 

When you're ready to dive a little deeper, and find your perfect tool stack, here are my guides to all the tools you could need. 
Tools & Resources
Guide to Video Platforms
Guide to Note Taking Platforms
Guide to Group Platforms
Your First Meeting
Your First Meeting Agenda
Leading a hotseat