Do you know the saying “Beyonce has the same 24 hours in a day”? Or maybe you heard it about Oprah, or Bill Gates. 

The basic premise is, we have the same resources as some of the most successful people in the world. 

Implicit in this message is that we are not spending those resources wisely. It’s meant to shame us into action, to hustle, to work harder so that we can one day be just like Beyonce. 

You know it’s bullshit. Beyonce knows it bullshit. She is who she is because of her incredible work ethic, yes, but also because of her circumstances, her opportunity, her struggles. She is not repeatable. 

Yet, this saying persists. I’m sure someone posted it on Twitter or Instagram today. It’s the perfect emblem of what I call the #hustle: productivity shaming and stunting for social media. 

I think there’s two sides to this coin here, both concerning: there are those that post about the hustle and then they don’t accomplish much, or those that post about the hustle and are nearly killing themselves trying to achieve some publicly acceptable version of success. 

Who am I to stand in judgement of these people? Well, someone who has done both of these things. I’ve stunted and pretended I was more successful than I am, and I’ve burned myself out chasing the wrong things. 

I’m someone who has learned from my failures in achievement, and hopes that I can help you do the same. 

Hey, I’m Nicole, and I teamed up with my friend Semonna to build this course. We share the same values, including a strong work ethic and a desire to care for ourselves and our loved ones. 

Semonna is a hardworking mom of 4 boys, and one of the sharpest women in online business. She knows the world of creators inside and out, and while she and I have a lot of industry knowledge to teach and share, she knew that this course was our Step One. 

So this course--It’s not about the hustle, or shaming you into productivity with unrealistic expectations and moonshot goals. 

It’s not a cash grab or a ride on the wave of productivity trends. In fact, my experience made me hesitant to release this course. Does the world really need one more course about setting goals? We have so much more to say and teach -- why don’t we leave goal setting to someone else?

Why we created this course
If you’re here, that means you realized the same answer we did. It’s really hard to find resources on goal setting that speak to us. We wanted something that understood balancing work and self-care, without being a flowery Pinterest confection. We wanted something that dove into true, practical tactics, without the “if you can’t make a million dollars you’re just lazy” shaming crap. 
And we wanted something real and valuable that not only gave you a return on your money and your time, but was something that you would use for years to come -- a true foundation. 

Everything we’ll teach and preach from here on out will be rooted in The Goal Getters Method. It’s a practice, meaning that you won’t be great right away, but you’ll get better with experience. 

Who it’s for
We built this course with our core values top of mind. You’re not in school anymore, which means you get to choose your teachers. To help you best make this choice, here’s what we stand for:
We love creators -- builders, crafters and professionals who are starting something for themselves, for their loved ones, and for the world. 
We’re family people -- we work to serve our loved ones, may they be blood or chosen family. 
Work is third -- the wise Leslie Knope once said “ All that matters is Waffles Friends Work. Or Friends, Waffles Work Either way, work is third.” We take this quote to heart when we remember our why, and when we take care of ourselves. 
We lead with our heart -- conversations, not transactions. we strive to do right by you, by our team, and by people in every interaction. 

You started something for yourself and you have a strong why. You have trouble getting things done, not because you’re lazy or incapable, but because work is third. Success for you isn’t about becoming a billionaire. 

While we believe the Goal Getter’s Method can apply to any type of goal, our teaching style, our examples and our heart lie most with creators, who are looking to start or grow a business. 

When we thought about who this course could best serve, we thought about three kinds of stages our audience might be in: 

We’re passionate about builders -- anyone who likes to start small and run and scale something from an idea to a full-fledged business. Think bloggers, writers, course teachers, youtubers. 

We’re passionate about crafters -- anyone who loving creates something physical by hand and shares it with the world. Think makers or artisan shop owners. 

We’re passionate about professionals -- anyone who can see the potential in something scrappy and polish it to make it even better. Think consultants or coaches. 

You won’t be alone
Goals can feel personal and intimate, so we purposely did not include a community aspect to this course. The lessons are just for you. 

However, if at any point, you have questions or want to chat, hit the little message icon in the bottom right corner and send us a message, right from the course. 

We’re proud of you for taking this first step towards achieving your goals. You can stop here for now, or continue on to the first lesson. 

Goal Getter's Method

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